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The online portion of Edd Townsend Enterprises was established in 1996 although Edd's main activities in the guitar world, media, and outdoor cooking have been maturing wonderfully since 1973. Actual brick-and-mortar office locations in Tennessee, Texas, and Nevada, enable Edd to continue to help many individuals in certain ways . Edd wants to see people happy and to succeed in this crazy old world, thus he and his associates make it a point to communicate effectively with all folks, anywhere in the world, even though, unfortunately, we all are living in a busy, hectic, and secular-driven society.

Edd began playing the guitar back in the late 1950's and has performed professionally since 1968 when he then worked at radio station WIDD in Elizabethton, TN. After over 55 years of guitar playing, Edd claims that his early influences were Chet Atkins and Merle Travis. Nowadays, Edd uses his vast background from many years of studying a multitude of jazz and country guitar players and thus incorporates this into his own style of guitar in order to proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, The Creator of the universe. Edd has been fortunate enough to have known and performed with many legendary guitarists, musicians, and show personalities. The list of Edd's musician friends, both those that have passed on and those still living is absolutely amazing.

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